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Choose Southeast Wholesale Foods for your export needs

Southeast Wholesale Foods is the wholesale food supplier of choice for retail, wholesale and food-service operations, including chain and individual supermarkets, groceries and distributors in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America.

We’re a one-stop distributor

As a full-service food wholesaler with a large grocery selection, Southeast Wholesale Foods can provide the full range of items you need, from dry groceries, meats and dairy, to general merchandise and non-food items. By letting Southeast handle all your wholesale needs, you’ll get better prices, fewer and fuller shipping containers, billing and product consolidation, and less hassle than having to deal with multiple suppliers. And you’ll get Southeast’s guarantee for reliability and order accuracy.

We’re versatile and flexible

Need your goods fast? Need to find a particular product or establish an automatic replenishment order? Need to get food from faraway ports around the world? Need to consolidate goods from different grocery vendors in one container? Southeast Wholesale Foods can provide for all your needs. Even if we don’t have the item you want, we can source it for you and ship it to you from virtually any port in the world. In the U.S., our distribution locations in Miami are right near major ports and airports, so we can get our containers to you quickly.

Superior loading efficiency

Southeast Wholesale Foods uses cutting-edge technology to quickly, efficiently and carefully load shipping containers, so we can get your order out a day or two after you place it. Our superior loading efficiency of your wholesale food order means lower prices and low spoilage rates. We also consolidate, and we can handle all your shipping logistics.

Personalized service with expertise

Our logistics expertise and bilingual, personalized service will ensure your order flows smoothly. We give you the direct phone numbers of our salespeople to provide you with immediate answers and speedy service. We provide certificates of origin, NAFTA certificates and any other documentation you need. Southeast allows for a variety of payment methods, and we can send you invoices electronically and in Spanish to expedite delivery of the documents you need.

Southeast’s track record

Southeast Wholesale Foods is a division of Southeast Frozen Foods, the largest exclusive distributor of frozen food products in the southeastern United States, with five warehouse facilities and 600,000 square feet of space. Southeast Frozen Foods serves 16 U.S. states, the Caribbean, and Latin America. With an order accuracy rate of 99.7%, a fill rate of 99%, and an integrated ordering system that requires minimal adaptation for new customers to join the Southeast network. Southeast Frozen Foods has built a reputation for order accuracy, individualized customer service and superior quality control. Southeast Wholesale Foods continues that tradition of quality service.

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