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Quality and Variety

Whether your operation includes an in store bakery or you simply want to offer your customers “Bakery Shop” quality and variety, Southeast offers the products you need to be successful.

Thaw & Sell Program — Southeast offers a wide assortment of “thaw & sell” bakery products. Our variety includes breads, rolls, muffins, cakes and sweets. Simply order, label and display for increased sales and profits!

Bread Program — Raw bread and roll dough, par baked and ready to sell breads are all available to our retailers. All are high quality products at competitive pricing. Our modern transportation fleet ensures this product arrives at your store in excellent condition.

Cake Program — Southeast offers cake products that start with our high quality thaw & sell cakes to our thaw & sell layers ready to be finished. (Yes, we also carry the icing on the cake!)

Donut Program — Our donut assortment — raw, pre-fried and ready to sell — allows your store to compete with the local donut shop. Add to this our muffins, danish and cheesecakes, and your store and customers both win!