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Quality Products…Great Values

The goal of Southeast Wholesale Foods’ Store Brands Program is to drive profitable sales for our customers. A store brand helps you to differentiate your store and increase consumer loyalty. They can also help your sales — store brands represent a larger percentage of industry growth than national brands.

The program we have created provides two tiers of products to match the needs of two types of customers: the quality focused – value conscious shopper and the price sensitive shopper.

Hy-Top® “Your Neighborhood Brand”

Hy-Top A first-tier brand, Hy-Top® provides the variety that shoppers are looking for, quality you can be proud to call your own and value for consumers while generating profits for you. You’ll find Hy-Top, your neighborhood brand in the Grocery, Frozen and Dairy departments of Southeast supplied retail stores.

There are 750+ core Hy-Top® labeled items all with professional, current graphics and labels. These private label items are supported with quarterly promotions and bi-annual selling events.

Better Valu® – Your Savings Brand

Better Valu Better Valu® targets the price conscious shopper offering an entry-level price point. It provides the best value alternative. Better Valu® is tested and quality assured for consumer satisfaction.

There are 50+ core Better Valu® items that can be used to compete with EDLP items in Mass Merchandisers, Dollar Stores and Limited Assortment Stores.