Retailer Assistance Program

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Program Highlights:

  • Retail Management Services — Southeast understands the needs of today’s retailers enabling our Retail Sales Associates to offer a total service approach to supermarket operations.
  • Bill Through (Cross Dock) Program — Southeast offers a bill through program to retailers that have the ability to buy in full truckload quantities.
  • Electronic Ordering — Southeast utilizes Telxon ordering machines to ensure accurate retailer order transmission.
  • Retail Pricing — Southeast offers several retail pricing options.
  • Retail Sales Support — Southeast’s Merchandising Team provides superior merchandising and procurement services for all customers regardless of location or size.
  • Reclamation Program — Southeast has teamed up with Carolina Logistics Services to offer its retailers a returned goods management program for damaged goods.
  • Coupon Redemption Program — Southeast offers Rapid Pay for their retailers to process manufacturer coupon redemption.
  • Logistics Services — Southeast provides storage for both dry goods and perishable products. Additionally, Southeast provides cross-dock, case pick and load consolidation services for export customers.