New Item Program

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The goal of Southeast Wholesale Foods’ “New Item” program is to offer our Retailers access to new items on the first available date. Each “New Item” will be reviewed and selected based upon the potential for greatest impact. Retailers will be given the opportunity to book their items via a New Item Survey.

Program Highlights

  • Grocery, Frozen, Dairy and Meat categories will be represented.
  • Items will be reviewed and selected based on total spending, market share, category importance, etc.
  • Promotional schedule, shelf position and sku specific information for all new market items.
  • All retailers are eligible to participate in this program.

Retailer Benefits

  • Key component of total Marketing Program.
  • Offers ability to compete with all trade classes.
  • Drives incremental sales volume.
  • Key factor in customer satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed cases during “First Ship” weeks.
  • 80% of all new item spending occurs during the first thirty days after launch.