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Cold Storage In Cordele, Georgia just South of Altanta, Georgia

Southeast Food Distribution has a cold storage warehouse just South of Atlanta, Georgia in Cordele. The refrigerated warehouse has three separate rooms maintained at temperatures from -20°F to 60°F by specially constructed refrigeration systems with screw compressors and computerized control systems. It has more than 4,000 pallet positions and 22 dock doors. It was constructed in 1978 and an addition was built in 1986.

Experienced Provider of Cold Storage and Food Distribution

Southeast Food Distribution offers cold storage and logistical services to the food industry in the southeastern United States. The service is offered through Southeast Cold Storage, a business unit of Southeast Food Distribution— a wholesale distributor serving the food industry for over 25 years. The company has extensive experience in frozen food storage and handling for large supermarkets chains and distributors.

Six Food-Grade Refrigerated Warehouses in the Southeast

Southeast Food Distribution operates six separate refrigerated warehouses covering the southeastern United States. They provide food-grade facilities for dry and cold storage in locations in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. All the warehouses are fully racked.

Each warehouse has storage rooms at a variety of temperatures to meet the storage needs of food manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our warehouses have rooms from -20 degrees to ambient. All of the facilities, including the dock areas, are designed to keep food products at the appropriate temperatures. Backup generators are available in case of power failure.

At our refrigerated and frozen warehouses we regularly store ice cream, fish, shrimp, crawfish, seafood, turkeys, other poultry and other frozen, refrigerated and dry food products.

Services for Export, Import, Storage, Selection and Delivery

We can assist you with importing, exporting and local storage and delivery. Our distribution centers are strategically located for exporting and importing. Our Miami warehouse is customs bonded.

We can also help you with logistics — handling both inbound and outbound goods. We offer a variety of handling selections: case pick, layer pick and full pallet. We can create store-ready pallets or any specially configured pallets that you require.

State of the Art Warehouse Management and Electronic Order Systems

All of the inventory in our warehouses is tracked with a sophisticated Warehouse Management System. All cases are bar-code, date-coded and tracked, and handled on a FIFO basis — strict date code rotation is enforced.

For accurate and fast communications, we support all standard EDI Transactions Sets. We can take orders via FTP, email, Telxon or telephone. We can also assist in receiving and tracking orders from your customers.

Extensive Trucking Network Available for Delivery

If you need assistance with delivery, we have a trucking network for delivery in the region of each of our facilities.

Extremely Flexible to Meet Your Needs

We have experience with both small and large accounts; we are extremely flexible and can meet your specific needs. If you are a retailer who needs more capacity or a manufacturer who needs more space, we can help you.