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South East Cold Storage

Formerly The American Logistics Group

Our recently built state of the art Richmond cold storage warehouse located next to Richmond International Airport.

  • Specially constructed refrigeration systems that are run with screw compressors and computerized equipment to maintain precise temperatures and alarm maintenance personnel of any variance in the system.
  • Robust VoCollect voice activated selection, fork lift put-away and retrieve, truck loading and vehicle check-list to support warehouse operation, and engineered labor standards to track labor productivity and control costs.
  • Barcoded pallets enables tractability through the warehouse which provides inventory accuracy of 99.8% and strict date code rotation.
  • Engineered labor standards with incentives for productivity and disincentives for errors provides for a high level of productivity and order accuracy.
  • Automated pay for performance system compensates associates for tasks performed.
  • Extensive management reporting for labor tracking, productivity, non-compliance and cost/case by associate.
  • Combination scale and shrink-wrap machines provide quality control prior to shipping.
  • Superior ratings for Food Safety and Hygiene from AIB International.

Size: 135,000 square feet
Constructed: 1999; expanded 2011
Temperatures: -20°F to 60°F
Rooms: Frozen and Refrigerated
Ceiling height: 38 feet
Pallet positions: over 9,000 pallet positions
Dock doors: 24
Property: 10 acres

General Manager: Jack Hunter
5601 Corrugated Road
Sandston, VA 23150
(800) 214-6682
(804) 236-2998 extension 6012 (
Fax: (804) 236-8913
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