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“Squeezed for Space?”

If your warehouse is being squeezed, so are your profits. After all, your stores can’t stock hot new items if there are no slots for them. Build another warehouse? Expensive! Ideally you would add more warehouse space without investing a cent.

That’s precisely what we suggest!

Alternative Distribution

Let Southeast Frozen Foods provide you with an alternative solution to your supermarkets’ frozen needs: full service, supplemental, or a cross dock. Variety?
We stock over:

  • 2100 Grocery items,
  • 780 Ice Cream items,
  • and 725 Bakery items.

Consolidate LTL Vendors to a cost efficient cross dock program. Convert costly freezer space to less expensive refrigerated storage and new slots. We can provide you with just in time delivery at a cost reduction.

Consolidate DSD Vendors

Direct store deliveries a challenge?
Want to limit small multiple back door deliveries?

  • With Southeast you can authorize, monitor and insure uniform DSD product distribution.
  • Customer specific reports mesh with Category Management initiatives and guarantee maximum return on your investment.
  • Reduce store deliveries.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce administration expenses.
  • We can provide controlled DSD retail marketing.

Flexible Solution

Southeast provides outsourcing, supplementing or enhancing of your Ice Cream, Frozen Food or in-store Bakery Programs. We have the flexibility and willingness to customize programs to your requirements. Increase your asset utilization and reduce your expenses.

Customized Programs

Southeast provides programs “customized” to your needs. We offer flexibility, customization, specialized reporting, EDI transmissions ordered from your shelf tags. Whether a Full Service Store Door Delivery program, or a Supplemental Cross Dock program, you design the program to your specific needs.