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With nearly half a century of experience distributing frozen foods, Southeast Frozen Foods has established a reputation for reliability, efficiency and integrated customer service in the frozen and wholesale food business.

The company was started in 1958 as a family business distributing frozen poultry in the Miami area. Under the name Poultry Inc., the company grew over the years into a leader in the cold storage and frozen food distribution business, acquiring other food service companies and expanding its geographic reach.

By the time the company consolidated all its businesses under the single name of Southeast Frozen Foods in 1989, the company had broadened its frozen poultry and dairy business to distribution of a complete line of brand-name food products, including ice cream, frozen foods, fruits, vegetables, breads and pastries.

As Southeast added facilities in new locations in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia and South Carolina throughout the 1990s, the company quadrupled in size, buying new warehouses, assembling a state-of-the-art fleet of refrigerated trucks, hiring dedicated and experienced employees, and developing cutting-edge technology for a uniquely customer-friendly order processing system.

In 2004 the company expanded into the wholesale food business, bringing its reputation for order accuracy, individualized customer service and superior quality control to supermarkets throughout Florida, the Caribbean and Central and South America under the brand name Southeast Wholesale Foods.

In 2007 the company was renamed Southeast Food Distribution, which better represents the services and abilities provided by the three core businesses of Southeast Frozen Foods, Southeast Wholesale Foods and The American Logistics Group (TALG).